Referee Opportunity- A job for Lifetime

The game of soccer has touched us all, either as a player or a parent supporting a player.  The game provides a wonderful opportunity to compete, to demonstrate sportsmanship, and to create relationships that will last a lifetime.


The game can only function properly if there is a strong group of people willing to give back to the game in the form of service, which as players and boosters, you have demonstrated.


The game is in need of referees of all ages, youth and adult, to permit for the proper administration of the game according to the Laws of the Game.  As such, I would like to invite each of you to join me in the ranks of being a soccer referee.


There are many advantages to becoming a referee:

  1. Giving back to the game that you love,

  2. Learning and applying the rules properly as detailed in the Laws of the Game,

  3. Becoming a better player by seeing the game from another perspective,

  4. Gaining self-confidence with each experience,

  5. Being trained by others who also have a love for the game,

  6. Earning money for games worked, which can continue for a lifetime.


Referees are independent contractors, so after you are certified, you may work for any association which is able to utilize your services.  This is important to know since college students can contact their local association and request to referee while in college to make some extra cash.


Adults can receive all the same benefits along with being able to work along side their children, during playing days, and long after playing days are over.


The North Allegheny Soccer Club is sponsoring this request and would like the opportunity to get you introduced to the game as a referee, working for our club.  We will guide you through the certification process and provide training and mentoring.


If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact:

Greg Tobias

North Allegheny Soccer Club, Referee Assignor